Cantonment Board, Kanpur runs 02 Primary, 04 Junior High School, 02 High School & 01 School for special Children located in area of the Cantonment to cater to the educational requirements of the civil population of the cantonment. The education is imparted by charging a nominal fee.The poor and the lower strata of the population are mainly benefited from these schools who cannot afford sending their wards to expensive public schools. The Cantonment Board has made a sincere attempt to provide Computer education and good academic environment to these relatively deprived children by providing them almost similar facilities which are available to children going to the public schools.

1 Meerpur Girls’ High School Meerpur High School
2 B.I. Bazar High School B.I. Bazar High School
3 Faithfulganj Jr. High School Faithfulganj Jr. High School
4 Harrisganj Jr. High School HarrisGanj Jr. High School
5 Golaghat Jr. High School Golaghat Jr. High School
6 Muir Road Jr. High School Muir Road Jr. High School
7 B.I. Bazar primary School B.I. Bazar Primary
8 Silver Oak School Kakori Primary
9 Prerna - School For Special Children Khapramohal Special School