Civil Roads

The Cantonment Board maintains roads in the Cantonment on which general public has the right of access. The roads with in Unit lines are maintained by the MES. Cantonment Board Kanpur has undertakes the work of widening roads and making footpaths. A lot of beautification work also has been under taken. Cantonment Area has following roads:

1- Napier Road
2- Ambedkar Path
3- Cambridge Road
4- Neel Road
5- New Cemetery Road
6- Cavalry Road
7- Harding Road
8- Turner Road
9- Havelock Road
10- Narona Road
11- Kabir Path
12- Algin Road
13- Latin Road
14- Albert Road
15- Irvin Road
16- Faulkner Road
17- Muir Road
18- Kelvin Road
19- Jaipuria Road
20- Tagore Road
21- M.G. Road
22- Cariappa Road
23- Ratan Lal Jain Marg
24- Station Road
25- Eliot Road
26- Batham Road
27- Pound Road
28- Hospital Road
29- Old Cemetery Road
30- Bisco Road
31- Sarkar Road